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The use of (later refered as Website) constitutes your acceptance of the following terms:

Provider of the service is:

LiveCall Software sp. z o.o.
Alzacka 16
03–972 Warszawa
KRS: 0000597585
NIP: 5252642120

The rules we follow:

  1. We respect privacy of Users.
  2. We care about the data security of Users, including their personal data. Detailed information on the protection of personal data can be read in the Terms and Conditions.

Safety is important to us!

  1. LiveCall uses a technology that stores and accesses information on a computer or other device of the User that is connected to the network (in particular with the use of cookies).
  2. Cookies used by LiveCall serve primarly to collect data by LiveCall and/or authorized entities, statistical data about the behavior of Users and / or Authorized Persons. They also help determine the number of users of the Website and the manner in which they use the Internet. The collected data are used to improve the quality of services offered by LiveCall, in particular:
    1. optimally allocate / scaling hardware resources and personal of LiveCall;
    2. optimal placement of infrastructure used for the provision of the Services;
    3. maintaining session logins to the account, as well as speeding up access to the Services
  3. The User can specify the conditions for storage and / or access to the information referred to in paragraph. 1 using the settings used software installed on his device (web browser).
  4. User expresses consent to the processing of cookies through the appropriate settings of his/her web browser. The User may at any time withdraw his/her consent.
  5. LiveCall informs that the restriction of the use of technology referred to in paragraph. 1 may adversely affect the correct functioning of the Website or the Services available through it or on other sites associated with it.
  6. LiveCall reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. This document is valid from the date 02.01.2017

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