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Live chat vs. LiveCall: the comparison of two real-time client contact apps

Live chat or LiveCall? Both tools can help you perfect the real-time client contact. They have the form of a convenient widget you can place on your website. And both have been raising in popularity in the recent months. So, which one is better for your business? Read along to find out and decide for yourself.

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Lead Response Time Makes or Breaks Your Sales

Lead response time can either make or break your sales. And that’s a fact. Remember when you read the article about the importance of inbound marketing? One of the most valid things stressed in it: you are not looking for branding, you’re looking for leads.

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David vs Goliath: how to outsmart marketing giants

Great ideas come at an even greater price …or do they? If you were to think in a traditional manner, great marketing campaigns bring connotations with big brands. Big brands, that is, brands that have loads of money. Loads of money needed for banners, cooperation with influencers like youtube phenomenons, TV ads, free samples of a product or at least a branded pen. Goliaths of marketing. You think so? Then think again!

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Inbound marketing is what you need

Finding clients for your own business is not easy. Addressing prospective customers traditionally – via billboards, newspaper ads or call center often has the opposite effect. Luckily, now more than ever, you have the opportunity to make the customers come to you. It’s called inbound marketing.

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Voicemail kills your sales and here is why

When asked about your favorite customer communication channel, what is the first option that comes to your mind?

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