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If you want to change how your widget looks or where it is placed on your website, this is the section you should explore.

Here, you can choose the left or right side of the page for your widget. If you would like to change the engagement text of the widget, this can also be done here.
What's more is that you can change the color of your widget to go nicely with your page design. For this, simply put the color code from the hex system in the field 3. Widget color. If you are having trouble finding the color code that you need, you can use tools that will help you identify it.


There are also advanced settings in this section which enable you customise your pop-up.

Here, you can edit fields marked 4-9.

The Consultant selection placeholder is relevant if under Targeting you enabled choice of consultant for the call (you can read more about this in our article about targeting). The text you want to insert here would be something along the lines of "Choose the topic of your call" or "Who would you like to speak to?".

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