How to set up Call Tracking

Learn how to configure your call tracking settings

Step 1 - Activate the call tracking feature

Check with our team that the call tracking feature has been activated for your account

Step 2 - Purchase numbers

In order to track your calls, you will need to get numbers that will be dynamically changing on your website. Leads coming from a specific source will be shown a different number than from other sources.

Contact our sales team ( to buy call tracking numbers.

Step 3 - Set up in the LiveCall panel

Go to the Targeting section in the LiveCall panel. Create a new target group.

You should be able to select a new option in the "People who..." section.

Choose "Call a specified number" option and select the relevant number from the dropdown. All the numbers you have purchased will be shown.

Then, select users who should receive calls from this number.

The phone number on your website will change to the call tracking number. You can choose which pages should show the call tracking number:

Save your changes.

You can also decide which audience sees a call tracking number based on your online campaigns. For example, lets say you want to track call volume from people who clicked on your Google Ad. You would set up something like this:

That's it!

Make sure to contact our team if you want to start using the call tracking feature. We will be happy to help you with this process.

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