Saving abandoned shopping carts with phone calls

Why do customers abandon shopping carts?

There can be technical issues with your checkout that you may not be aware of. Or, the customer is considering purchases at your competition. Perhaps the products just aren’t exactly what the customer was looking for.

Up to 30% of carts may be recovered

If you don’t know why the purchase didn’t happen, the best way to find out is to speak with your customer. This increases your chances of addressing the issue and helping your customer in shopping. Ideally, you will contact them before they find another seller. Adding the factor of personal contact will also be to your advantage.

How to call “lost” customers with LiveCall?

Our solution is to detect the buyers who didn’t complete the checkout process. We load a script on the page where your customer fills out the personal information, including phone number. We store the number, and if the customer is not forwarded to the thank you page within some time, LiveCall will automatically forward a call to your call agent to assist the customer.

All you need to do is

  1. install our script and add this short snippet to your thank you page:

LiveCall will be able to automatically detect your thank you page and will do the rest for you!

  1. Send us an email at so we enable the functionality for you :)

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