Integration of LiveCall Callback and call tracking software with Unbounce (via Zapier)

In this short article we'll guide you step by step on how to integrate your Unbounce landing page with LiveCall callback via Zapier.

The effect will be following: whenever a form submission is created in Unbounce, there will ba an automatic callback made with LiveCall.

Assumption: you already have Unbounce, LiveCall and Zapier accounts


  1. Go to ready-to-use Zapier template and use the template
  2. Chose App & Event

  1. Continue with Account, Landing Page etc.
  2. The next steps is converting New Form Submission in Unbounce into making a callback with LiveCall

  1. Continue with Account and make sure that you sellect right target group form LiveCall and match Unbounce and LiveCall phone number fileds

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