LiveCall Tracker APP Implementation

LiveCall Tracker APP Implementation

STEP 1. Installation

SMS with a link to the LiveCall app will be sent to your mobile phone number.
If you don't receive the message, contact us or copy to Chrome.
You will be asked to download the app.


Select "settings" and then select "allow"

In a few seconds, the application will be installed.


Press "open".

STEP2. Download your login details

To login to LiveCall, you need to use your email address and password.
Youremail address is the address you use corporately (e.g.
Torecover your password, go to the link below, enter your email and reset your password (unless you have set your password before)

On youre-mail, you will receive further instructions.
The password is only known to you. If necessary, you will be able to change it later.

STEP3. Login

Turn on LiveCall
Fill in your email address and password
Once you're signed in, give your consent to the App's data transfer.


Congratulations! You're ready to go!

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