LiveCall | First steps to implment callback and calltracing software

We want to make the implementation process as smooth as possible for you. Here is a step by step instruction on how to make sure you have the correct set up.

  1. Time zone
    Check that the time zone in your Settings > General corresponds to the times zone of your call agents.
  2. Verify your Caller ID
    If you want your leads to see your phone number on incoming calls, please make sure to verify your caller ID. You will learn more about this in our article here: Why should I verify my Caller ID?
  3. Users
    Make sure that the user(s) answering the callbacks:
  1. Targeting
    Ensure that the widget is set to display where relevant. Use our targeting rules to decide the URLs, devices and countries where the widget should display. You can create several targeting groups, and display different widgets on different URLs.
  2. Triggers and widget behaviour
    Make sure that your Widget's Design section has all the customization you need (read more here: Widget's Design - customize Appearance

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