List of call details sent to Zapier

Would you like to integrate LiveCall with your CRM? Do you need to send your call info to another app? Here's what you can use in your zap.

  • Phone number
  • Consultant email
  • Outcome
  • Call ID
  • Source URL
  • Duration (call length)
  • Details (link to call details in LC)
  • First name
  • Full name
  • Last name
  • Team
  • Target Group
  • Email
  • UTM Source
  • IP Address
  • Method (callback/ email)
  • Team ID
  • Tracking params (UTMs)
  • UTM Campaign
  • UTM Content
  • UTM Medium
  • UTM Term
  • Scheduled (true/false)
  • Lead response time
  • Target Group ID
  • Country
  • Device Type
  • Executed at
  • Failure reason
  • Initiated at
  • Referrer
  • Source Type (e.g. widget, form)

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