It's possible to observe different events of LiveCall widget. The widget fires standard JS events, so all you need to do is to observe them like this:
document.addEventListener("livecall:interested", function() {
// Do whatever you want here.

Available Events

The following events are currently available:

  • llivecall:visit — when callback widget is shown
  • livecall:popupOpened — when callback popup was opened
  • livecall:widgetClosed — when widget was closed
  • livecall:limited — when a widget is not displayed due to rate limiting
  • livecall:notLimited — when a widget is displayed
  • livecall:willQueryInterest — on initiation when widget is scheduled to be displayed
  • livecall:interested — when a visitor clicks on the widget,
  • livecall:uninterested — when a visitor dismisses the widget
  • livecall:callInitiation — when a visitor initiates a callback
  • livecall:callStart — when the connection is made
  • livecall:callEnd — when a call is finished.

Manually Displaying Popup

Displaying Popup with a link

If you wish to have a link that displays the popup when clicked, just create a link to Like this:

<a href="">Contact us</a>


<a href="">Contact us</a>

to display popup in scheduling mode.

Displaying Popup with a banner/button etc.

You need to call livecallClient.queryInterest() method when you want to show popup; or
livecallClient.openCallbackPopup(true) when you want to show popup in scheduling mode.
This will show popup to request callback immediately or to schedule a call.
Please keep in mind that the popup in scheduling mode will show only when the option "show widget in scheduling mode" is enabled on the selected filter.

Note 1: By Popup we mean:

Note 2: By Popup in scheduling mode we mean:

Tagging users

It is possible to tag visitors and then see their IDs in calls section.

In order to tag visitors you need to assign Customer_ID to every visitor before loading LiveCall installation script.
It should look like this:

<!-- assigning Customer_ID -->
 window._livecallSettings = {
     visitorReference: "Customer_ID"

<!-- LiveCall installation script -->
<script async src="//"></script>

Integration with Google Adwords

Here we'll show you how to track certain events in Google Adwords.
Go to your conversions list in Google Adwords and click "add".
Then select Website (as kind of conversion you want to track)

Then name your conversion e.g. 'LiveCall - callback request' and fill in missing fields.
After clicking 'create and continue' you'll be in 'set up the tag' section

It's important that you select 'click' as the method to track conversions.

Copy the tag between <body> and </body> tags of the page to track and also insert

 document.addEventListener("livecall:callInitiation", function() {

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