Integrating Landingi with LiveCall callback and calltracking software

Are you using landing pages? You can install LiveCall there!

Here is how to install the widget:

Go to the Dashboard on Landingi:

Then, go into "JavaScript code"

Go to "Add code" and paste the standard LiveCall installation script from here: Installation. Then, paste the following code below.


$("form.widget").on("submit", function() {

Make sure that the name


is coherent with the widget name in Landingi. You can check this by going to edit landing, click on phone number field, then settings and form fields where you will find the attribute name.

The attribute name should be the same as the "name" value in the second part of the code.

The JS code should be placed at the end of the body section of both the landing page and the thank you page.

Click "save".

The last step is to add a default prefix which will be placed in front of the contact numbers submitted by your leads. You can set this up in the LiveCall app. Go to Widgets, edit widget and select the language of your prefix country.

That's all!

If you also want to send custom fields with the form like name or email - thats also possible.

  1. Use following script:


$("form.widget").on("submit", function() {

 livecallClient.submitCallback($("[name=callback-phone-number-input]").val(), {

   customFields: {

     fullname: $("input[name=fullname]").val(),

     email: $("input[name=email]").val()





  1. Add 'fullname' and 'email' as the label on's form
  2. Add 'fullname' and 'email' as the label as the LiveCall widget custom forms.

In case you have any questions: reach out to us!

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