Know how your remote sales team perform & how leads are taken care of thanks to LiveCall Tracker App

For the first time ever you have full transparency about your remote reps work and their engagement with leads.

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Remove the data Blind Spot

It's very often that salespeople don't report their work in CRM correctly. The data that they put is often selective, incomplete, and wishful. Until now, when you needed to understand where they are you needed to talk with them and ask about each and every customer.

The companies that we work with also complained that they have a clear SLA (service level agreement) with their reps but they were unable to verify whether the SLA was fulfilled. Normally the agreed process looks like this:
1. call the lead, if they do not answer
2. call them after 30 min, if you do not succeed
3. send them a text message,
4. no reply? send another one;
5. if that doesn't help send an email.
The process is clear and simple, but do you believe all your reps follow it 100%?

For the first time ever you can remove the blind spot and have a single point of truth thanks to LiveCall Tracker App. The transparent system allows you to focus on what is most important for your business.

Give yourself the revenue edge with actionable insights.

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Track All Calls, Every SMS

The data about every inbound or outbound call as well as SMSes(text messages) are seamlessly transfered to LiveCall dashboard. In the next step, they can be transfered to any CRM system with API.

How LiveCall Tracker App works

1. Android application

It runs in the background and collects and syncs data automatically. Advisors call and send text messages, as they have done so far.

2. The system creates a history of communication with the customer

All phone calls, SMS messages and notes are transferred to the LiveCall panel and automatically arranged.

3. LiveCall transfers data to CRM

If your CRM has an open API, we can send it automatically all information about reps' activity.

Call Tracking by LiveCall

Timeline of customer interactions

History of interaction with the client

All interactions of reps with customers are automatically added and form a timeline

Salesperson performance report

Performance analysis of a given rep

You will learn what the real activity of a salesperson is on a business phone without having to rely on declarative information from CRM or declarations.From today you are working on data .. You will check the response time to leads, the amount of time spent on the phone, the number of contact attempts, etc.

Get most important data about your business right

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Your Complete Toolbox

Have all the call tracking capabilities you need today and in future.
LiveCall is a complete lead tracking and lead reporting solution.


LiveCall Tracker App

trustworthy data of your salespeople' interactions with leads and in one place

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Call Tracking

you know ROI of every marketing channel you have

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Never let any lead become cold anymore

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