LiveCall joins Cludo to change the contact center software market

For some time, we have been looking for a new way to take a step forward. As LiveCall founders we've wanted to stay innovative, so that your business becomes more effective and grows.

We believe that LiveCall acquisition by Cludo will bring such an impact.

The market of customer engagement solutions is growing dynamically, but at the same time it is changing drastically. It is hard to keep up by yourself, so it's priceless to have the best specialists in the contact center software world behind your back.

The decision to sell LiveCall to Cludo creates an unique opportunity to expand our expertise and help many new customers. We feel that by working with an experienced partner, we will get further & faster.

Andrzej Morawski
LiveCall Founder

LiveCall does not disappear. We believe that it's just the beginning of the journey. We have a plan to build something truly exceptional so stay tooned.

Thank you for supporting us 🙏

The future of profitable customer service and sales is a combination of contact center, AI, data science and customer engagement solutions. The revolution that is coming is collecting data from various sources and interpreting it accordingly. It will allow you to automatically engage customers in the right contact channel, with the right message and at the right moment. We believe that, together with the LiveCall team, we are able to create solutions that will address these needs.

Aleksander Wierciński
CEO Cludo

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