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There's this notion that phone calls aren't important in the online age. Yet calls are as relevant as ever.

It's true there are more calls between businesses and customers today than ever before. But more importantly, the phone remains the most effective channel for many businesses to sell to customers.

We know this is because the phone is the most human way to connect to customers, wherever they are. It's the best way to build trust. It's also the fastest way to help customers understand details of how a product will help them.

LiveCall is building the next-generation phone solution connecting businesses and customers. We're enabling better phone experiences and unlocking the next leap in performance for phone sales teams.

We're doing this through call generation, call tracking and call intelligence solutions. We're integrating calls in to a greater online-offline experience.

“The age of unsolicited calls is over. People want to connect to businesses on their terms without the wait. For that, businesses need better data and the ability to act.”

Andrew Morawski
CEO at LiveCall

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