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About is a Polish leader among platforms selling medical tests and services over the Internet. They offer genetic tests - laboratory and diagnostic - unique on the Polish market.

The company cooperates with a wide group of laboratories in the country, but also with global medical institutions. Thanks to, tests are carried out that have not been available on the Polish market so far. An example is the American laboratory that carries out cancer research. Among the important partners is also a Hong Kong laboratory that performs unique prenatal tests. is a dynamically developing company that was established 5 years ago. Currently, they offer over 300 specialized tests, and every month they implement over 10 new services, both from the domestic and foreign market.

What is the relevance of phone calls in the company's communication?

The portfolio can be divided into two product groups:

  • Products available and needed every day - these are mainly simple medical tests based on blood samples
  • Specialized genetic research

Especially in the latter case, clients require consultations regarding the course of the examination and other details.

The clients' need for consultants to approach them with empathy and understanding is also clearly visible. Often, potential customers are concerned not only about lack of information, but also about their health. They need attention and care.

"With this type of service, telephone contact is crucial for us. While information can be provided via e-mail, telephone contact affects the speed of providing this knowledge, the precision of understanding the consumer's needs and, what is very important, providing customers with mental comfort."

Jakub Strzelczyk
CEO at

Providing good audio quality and the speed of generating calls significantly translates into satisfaction with the service. Quality is both the content, the consultant's approach and the technical layer of the connection.

Currently, generate 3000+ callbacks per month. We've seen over 300% growth since February - largely due to the popularity of COVID-19 research, but not exclusively.

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a visible increase of interest in genetic research - the dynamics in this area is also growing. The increase in these indicators was influenced by introducing to the offer of research previously unavailable on the Polish market. The most popular product is cancer testing. One test can give results for 14 different types of cancer, examining as many as 127 genes. Of course, this is not a cheap service, but it is extremely effective and provides a large pool of patient medical information at once.

LiveCall vs. Chat offer both the LiveCall widget and the chat widget on their website. However, instant callbacks are winning. Many tests are carried out by mail order, i.e. the patient collects the sample himself and there is no need for him to come to the facility. It is a very convenient solution for consumers, but it generates a lot of questions and doubts.

The speed of generating callbacks turns out to be very important, but also a dynamic and competent team that is able to immediately respond to customer requests.

"LiveCall is a great service for all kinds of e-commerce, especially those offering specialized services. It shows in our sales results."

Jakub Strzelczyk
CEO at

Most effective callback widget placement has both classic widgets with a phone icon, a button with a phone number in the bar at the top of the page, and special forms placed inside articles.

The first two solutions, of course, generate many calls from people who came to the site looking for this type of service. Such users usually ask precise questions and have a brief knowledge about the test.

However, widgets inside articles are a very interesting solution. The page in the "Guide" tab has a lot of content related to health, social and related problems. Users who click are directed to this tab came to the page through the Google search engine. It happens that people reading about the symptoms of a given disease or ailment come to the conclusion that they overlap with their symptoms.

Widgets placed in articles are intended to encourage contact so that concerned patients can get the information they need. This way, they can find out whether it is worth making a test, and if so, which one will be adequate to their needs.

In this case, the widget is not a sales tool. try to play an advisory role too. They make sure that visitors to the website leave with in-depth knowledge, awareness of what may be ailing them and what tests could potentially be useful to diagnose it.

How has the pandemic affected the company's operations?

COVID-19 has actually stopped interest in any other testing for a while. All customers' attention was focused on the virus, and it was only after the defrost phase had occurred that customers began asking for other tests.

Final Thoughts

The quality of customer service translates directly into sales. Clients of medical services are more likely to make a purchase thanks to LiveCall calls.

LiveCall brings visibly better results for sales compared to other plug-in solutions.

Depending on the content of the page, different forms of ordering a callback may be preferred. The connection can be ordered via a button, a widget, or a contact form.

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