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Leading the rankings for best online store in the tourism category, is the biggest Polish online travel agency offering individual tours, charter flights, group trips, flight tickets and hotel bookings.’s success can be attributed to competitive prices, as well as the business’s presence in various marketplaces. They gain customers via 3 channels: retail locations in Poland’s largest cities, the Internet and, last but not least, by phone.

The search for new lead generation channels

Having experimented with website live chat, was eager to try other solutions. The company saw automated callbacks as a new, exciting method to engage online leads.

When heard of LiveCall, they already had an over-the-phone sales funnel in place. Leads that filled in the contact form were being dialed within a couple hours.

The leads who were contacted first were those that were closest to buying. Other inquiries had lower priority and were dialed later. By that time, the leads had gone cold and the conversion rates were far from desirable.

Comperia’s received close support from the LiveCall customer success team throughout.

The long response time was partially a result of the call center infrastructure. The infrastructure was designed to receive inbound calls rather than performing outbound dials. Lead response time suffered.

"Our customers like using various channels to contact us. They often migrate from one channel to another. In order to seal the deal, we need to make sure that our prospect can"

Radosław Damasiewicz
E-commerce & Marketing Director

Exceeding expectations with LiveCall

Within 2 days after registration, LiveCall was up and running on’s website. The near effortless implementation made LiveCall a great fit for the existing call centre infrastructure. Introducing the tool to call agents was equally as easy and didn’t require extensive training.

Immediately, LiveCall become a crucial source of inbound sales calls. In fact, outbound calling was no longer needed to contact leads from’s website. used a customized widget, matching the color theme of their brand. They showed this to all visitors upon loading any page.

The click-to-call solution brought about spectacular results.

The impact was 102% increase of successful sales calls. On top of closing more deals, connecting with hot leads also pays off in average purchase value. Compared to all sales channels the average purchase value (AoV) attributed to LiveCall is 20% higher.

Another great thing about LiveCall is that it generates new leads. LiveCall did not cannibalize’s other existing sales channels.

Being the market leader, set a new standard for lead response time in the industry. Shortly after started using LiveCall, competitors followed the emerging trend.

LiveCall compared to other callback solutions

For a period of three months, tried LiveCall’s competitor. have already been using LiveCall for more than 2 years. They decided to go with LiveCall because of stability and higher call quality.

“We found that CallPage offered many features we never had use for, while core functionalities were unreliable and the call quality was poor. We appreciated LiveCall’s simpler design and app stability. The call quality was also incomparably higher with LiveCall.”

Radosław Damasiewicz
E-commerce & Marketing Director

How Others Are Winning with LiveCall


Conversion rate to sales
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Our customers like using various channels to contact us.  In order to seal the deal, we need to make sure that our prospects can contact us effectively.

Radosław Damasiewicz

E-commerce & Marketing DirectorRead More


More qualified leads
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“LiveCall is a great tool from the customer experience perspective. Customers use it to get educated about a product before purchasing.”

Emilia Wojciechowska

E-marketing SpecialistRead More


Sales calls increase
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Being able to respond quickly to clients on our website has also sped up the decision-making process and improved communication.

Anna Wielgus

Director of Contact CenterRead More

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