Travelist gains 51% more sales calls that convert with 15% higher order value


Increase in call volume


Increase in order value


Customer answer rate

About Travelist

With over 2 million million monthly visitors, Travelist has set itself aside as a leader
in the luxury travel sector across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Travelist is a young, innovative group of experienced tourism and e-commerce professionals. They provide carefully selected accommodation offers with proven quality, at special club prices, available only to registered users.

In 2014, Travelist joined the Secret Escapes group cementing their place at the forefront of the travel sector across the CEE region.

Inadequate sales call volume & lead response time

Travelist has a call center with qualified sales reps but they were not making effective use of their team.

The number of inbound sales calls was lower than what they knew was possible. In fact, most calls they were receiving were about existing bookings versus new holidays.

Travelist was showing their sales number prominently on their website, but it was not effectively converting potential customers to calls. Visitors who were interested in booking a holiday rarely used the helpline. Instead, they were leaving the site.

Travelist tried a variety of methods to increase sales call volumes, including creating a callback form to collect phone numbers. They wanted to speak these leads quickly, but the system was inadequate and customers were waiting for calls for too long.

Travelist realized they must achieve 2 things to achieve the results value:

  • increase the amount of sales calls they were receiving from their website visitors,
  • decrease the time it took to call leads to under 2 minutes, preferably less.

“After nearly two years of using LiveCall, it now has a central role in planning our strategies.”

Tomasz Nowiński
Member of the Supervisory Board

Implementation to results in days

It took Travelist less than 5 days to set up LiveCall across all of their domains. They were able to directly integrate with their call centre infrastructure, providing a robust call setup.

Working with LiveCall’s customer success team, Travelist applied various customizations including:

  • Showing the widget in the languages of visitors and for specific countries
    Travelist serves,
  • Using behavioral targeting to offer callbacks to visitors interested in higher value product and deals,
  • Inviting visitors who spend a certain amount of time on the website to speak to a consultant (visitors who might benefit most from assistance).

With these customizations, Travelist hoped to not only increase inbound sales call, but also receive high-quality sales leads

Results exceeding expectations

Travelist were stunned with the results they got from using the LiveCall widget:

  • Inbound sales calls increased by 51%,
  • Average order value was 15% greater via LiveCall,
  • 18% of those who called by LiveCall booked over the phone,
  • 91% of calls were answered by customers on the first contact attempt (also improving call center operational efficiency).

The strong results were made possible because of the fast callback technology and effective behavioral targeting.

LiveCall’s customer success team to develop a strategy to optimize call centre activity.

Modern call tracking

Knock it out of the park


Conversion rate to sales
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Our customers like using various channels to contact us.  In order to seal the deal, we need to make sure that our prospects can contact us effectively.

Radosław Damasiewicz

E-commerce & Marketing DirectorRead More


More qualified leads
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“LiveCall is a great tool from the customer experience perspective. Customers use it to get educated about a product before purchasing.”

Emilia Wojciechowska

E-marketing SpecialistRead More


Sales calls increase
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Being able to respond quickly to clients on our website has also sped up the decision-making process and improved communication.

Anna Wielgus

Director of Contact CenterRead More

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