How Manipal Global Education Services is recovering 33% of cart abandonment revenue and improved bottom of the funnel conversions.


Cart abandonment saved


All revenue via Livecall



About Manipal Global

Manipal Global is a leading international provider of tertiary education services with headquarters in India. Manipal offers a wide range of higher education services to Indian institutions, corporate training programmes and vocational training across sectors. Manipal also provides technology-driven services, such as testing and education delivery. They are also the service provider/operator of university campuses in Malaysia, Antigua (Caribbean), Dubai and Nepal. Manipal supports over 300,000 students, many of them through its award-winning technology platform, EduNxt™.

Challenge: Increasing conversions from existing web traffic

Before introducing LiveCall on their website Manipal ProLearn, the Manipal marketing team analyzed where they were losing potential students in their funnel. They noticed a huge percentage of their prospects were dropping at a late stage – the shopping cart. The initial challenge that they wanted to address was increasing conversions by lowering cart abandonment.

Remarkable results from the outset

All expectations that Manipal had prior to starting the trial were surpassed

Manipal also requested some customizations as well as a new call recording feature – all of which was delivered in just one day.

Manipal were impressed by LiveCall’s customer success approach as well as agility.

For their trial, Manipal implemented LiveCall on the cart page with the popup triggering on exit intent . Initially LiveCall was set up with one number assigned to Manipal’s representative, Tejas. Manipal monitored the results and saw an immediate impact on revenue.

Even though, Tejas wasn’t able to answer all the callback requests as it was just one of his tasks, the impact on revenue was sizable. 33% of revenue from previously abandoned carts was retrieved by one part-time call agent.

“Our favourite thing about working with LiveCall is the support . New features were quickly added to suit our specific needs. They resolved many of our requests immediately or on the same day. Thanks to this we were able to move forward with our projects fast.”

Namrutha Ramanathan
Brand Marketing

Taking sales to the next level with LiveCall

Soon Manipal realized that they would be able to use LiveCall not only at the bottom but also higher up the funnel. They started displaying the widget on certain high-value product pages. For each product, the widget text is customized to highlight important details such as application deadlines.

Today up to 15% of the company’s revenue comes via LiveCall which is staffed by 25 call agents. What’s more, 14% of applications for the flagship course come from LiveCall. Manipal see further opportunities ahead, including directly integrating LiveCall with their CRM.

“After nearly two years of using LiveCall, it now has a central role in planning our strategies.”

Priyabrat Mohanty
Head of Digital Marketing

Final Thoughts

Customers have doubts during the checkout process. Offering the chance to speak to a consultant by phone during it saves a lot of sales.

Customers have more questions or obstacles to buying expensive products. Adding LiveCall on high-value products, before checkout, raises revenue

Responsive, top-tier support, like they received from the LiveCall team, saved a lot of time and provided opportunities for higher ROI.

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