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About HABZA Group

HABZA Group is a credit brokerage company that offers loan consolidation, business loans and loans to foreigners. Their experienced lending experts help customers find the best offers for their individual financial situations.

Given the complex nature of financing and the importance of trust, HABZA Group’s experts have an essential role in advising potential customers. This focus has helped HABZA Group stand out, provide greater value and build stronger relationships with customers.

A slow lead response time was losing sales

Before implementing LiveCall, only used online forms to collect website visitors’ phone numbers. An auto-dialer then contacted these web form leads.

Getting leads to speak to an advisor by phone is a key step in HABZA Group’s sales process. As a result, inbound calls and online forms are the two most important touchpoints to convert website visitors.

However, leads cool down quickly. When HABZA Group contacted leads after 5 minutes, they already saw a sizeable drop in sales conversions.

The team tried to shorten the lead response time, but, without the right tools, it was impossible to do so scalably and simply

When they heard of LiveCall’s fast callback solution, the value was immediately apparent. What’s more, they realized they could automate some manual processes that were wasting valuable time.

The specific challenges they were experiencing:

  1. Lead response time was more than 5 minutes and costing opportunities:
    – Previously, leads were sent to a coordinator who manually allocated them to specific agents in the inside sales team. This naturally caused a significant delay.
    – Agents received the lead information by email. Whenever they didn’t immediately notice it, lead response time suffered further.– Finally, if agents were away from their inbox, for example in meetings or on other calls, it only compounded the problem.
  2. Manual processes were adding costs, without any benefits. This included allocating leads and agents having to check their emails (disrupting their work).
  3. Tracking agents’ performance was had due to missing info. Habza didn’t automatically know: if a lead was called, call durations or even the number of calls per agent. Instead of having a dashboard or accessible report, HABZA needed to check phone bills. This was tedious, time-consuming and not scalable.

A solution that would automate or solve all of the challenges could make an enormous impact on the organization.

LiveCall as the ultimate callback automation solution

Setting up LiveCall was incredibly fast – LiveCall was integrated into their inside sales team structure.

Instead of agents receiving emails, LiveCall directly calls their phones as soon as a lead requests contact via the widget. When the agents answer the phone, LiveCall seamlessly calls back the lead.

HABZA’s implementation was also customized in various ways.

Callbacks are automatically allocated to the agents who are available. The calls are spread evenly between the available field sales agents. When one advisor rejects the call, it immediately goes to the next available agent.

HABZA Group especially appreciated LiveCall’s responsiveness in developing new features.

With over 50 agents, easily managing their schedules was important.

What’s more, when a lead schedules a callback (instead of requesting an immediate one), LiveCall sends an SMS reminder to the lead 3 minutes before the call on behalf of HABZA.

SMS reminders significantly boost lead answer rates for scheduled callbacks.

"Incredibly responsive and quickly developed new features- now we can update our staff schedulesin minutes instead of hours. It's simple and we didn’t haveto change our processes.”

Damian Czerski
Head of Marketing

Business-changing results with less effort

The callback process is now automated and optimized. In terms of contacting leads:

  • Leads are contacted within 1 minute (versus often 10+ minutes before)
  • The lead answer rate increased by an astonishing 90%
  • Sales conversions have dramatically increased as more leads are answering PLUS they are still in the moment of buying.
  • Leads really appreciate the fast callback which has helped HABZA’s brand

Leads really appreciate the fast callback which has helped HABZA’s brand

  • 45% of all leads HABZA Group receives come from LiveCall
  • Agents can focus on answering calls and better serving customers (instead of manual tasks).
  • Managers have better insights into their agents’ performance and can create more detailed reports for supervisors. It’s also enabled HABZA to improve the performance of agents who are not hitting the right KPIs.

“Our sales team loves the callbacks they get from LiveCall. They don’t need to check their emails,more leads are answering when they call them and the conversations are better. But best of all is the higher sales conversion per call

Damian Czerski
Head of Marketing

Final Thoughts

Reducing lead response time is an easy and incredibly effective way to increase conversions. The greatest benefits are seen when calling back in under 1 minute.

LiveCall’s callback widget is much more effective at converting leads than forms. This is due to targeting visitors at the right moment (via behavioral targeting) and the UX of the widget.

For inside sales teams, a callback solution can help track agents’ performance.

The right callback implementation can remove tedious manual work, improve efficiency and boost staff morale.

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