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Aegon is an international insurance company. They offer, among others, life insurance, pension funds, savings programs. The Aegon Group has been on the Polish market since 1999, taking the position of a leader in the industry.

Why LiveCall?

Before Aegon started using LiveCall, the team collected data only through contact forms.

By establishing cooperation with LiveCall, testing of data collection and generation of connections from landing pages to which paid campaigns directed.Previously, it was not tested, as it translates into conversion in the case of this company.

The assumed effect was an increase in the conversion of visits to leads and, of course, an increase in conversion to sales. They counted on faster connection generation and, consequently, more answered calls.

Implementation and integration with AEGON systems

The team quickly learned to use the new solution and adapted to the new work process. When it comes to the technical aspects of the implementation, the only more demanding element was the combination of LiveCall with the current CRM, i.e. SalesForce, which was quickly implemented thanks to Zapier.

However, one aspect important for the client was missing - the transfer of specific UTM parameters of the lead from LiveCall to Salesforce. Zapier did not make it possible, however, especially for the client's needs, we built the right solution in less than 2 weeks.

Improving customer service

Before the LiveCall era in Aegon, calls were queued in SalesForce and waited for service by the sales team. All the numbers collected in the forms were aggregated in the seller's system. They used them as quickly as possible, but they did not take 15 minutes to an hour.

The average time of making a connection was on the level of several minutes. This means that people interested in the product so much that they left their phone number were called so late that there was a high risk of not picking up the phone, and thus losing the opportunity to present the company's offer and sell.

LiveCall reduced this time to 30 seconds. This significantly increased reception and more!

"People who choose LiveCall are clearly people interested in contact here and now. These conversations are never random and usually last a few minutes. These are high-quality leads that we would not like to lose."

Bartosz Prokopowicz
E-commerce Manager

Aegon employees using various types of solutions collecting data or contacting the client noticed the results themselves. Compared to other tools like pop-ups, chats and forms, LiveCall's leads are hot. If we were to call them after a longer time, the chance to answer would be much lower, and the number of calls lasting a few seconds would be much higher. Usually, conversations with LiveCalla last between 5 and 10 minutes.

Final Thoughts

LiveCall enabled the client to track the effectiveness of paid advertising campaigns (UTM tracking).

Successfully increased conversions from forms to sales calls by automating the customer calling process.

LiveCall ensured full integration with the customer's existing systems and processes. Expanding the application with new functionalities based on real needs.

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Our customers like using various channels to contact us.  In order to seal the deal, we need to make sure that our prospects can contact us effectively.

Radosław Damasiewicz

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“LiveCall is a great tool from the customer experience perspective. Customers use it to get educated about a product before purchasing.”

Emilia Wojciechowska

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Being able to respond quickly to clients on our website has also sped up the decision-making process and improved communication.

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