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Remove the ROI Blind Spot

You never want to waste money. That’s true for for any acquisition channel – online or offline. Tracking online performance has been easy for a long time. But what happens when the journey transitions to offline touchpoints?

What do you do if many leads are calling you? Are you successfully tracking their journeys and crediting the right campaign?

If phone calls are a critical stage in the buyer’s journey (especially your best customers), you need to know what’s driving your successful calls. You want to know how to get more.

With LiveCall’s comprehensive call tracking and the latest technologies, you can stop the guesswork. Be certain which channels are performing. Scale what’s working. Minimize what’s not.

Give yourself the revenue edge with actionable insights.


Track All Calls, Every Channel

Determine the specific ads, campaigns or keywords which are delivering valuable phone leads. Know what offline or referral campaigns are making your phone ring. Get accurate data to understand ROI per channel and campaign.

How online call tracking works


Dynamic Number Insertion

Know which online campaigns and traffic sources are leading to calls. LiveCall dynamically inserts a tracking phone number for each visitor based on the campaign or traffic source. The visitor will see the same number every time. Start optimizing your PPC, SEM and other online marketing.

How offline call tracking works


Virtual Phone Numbers

Measure the phone leads you receive from your marketing efforts (incl. classifieds, direct mail, newspaper, radio, TV ads, and brochures). Use your chosen numbers to know which campaigns is making your phone ring.

Call Tracking by LiveCall

Full Manual Scoring

Score your calls and define what a successful call is according to your chosen parameters. With LiveCall, you have the flexibility to represent your business reality.

AI-Powered Scoring (coming soon)

Automatically score your leads based on quality using LiveCall's AI Powered Algorithms. With voice tone, sentiment, and conversion path analysis, you will get your most accurate insights yet.

Know what’s generating your
most valuable leads

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360° Call Conversion Tracking

Get the complete picture with full funnel tracking.
Know which forms, CTAs and pages are converting. Track any click with custom events.

Your Complete Toolbox

Have all the call tracking capabilities you need today and in future.
LiveCall is a complete lead tracking and lead reporting solution.

Omnichannel Tracking

Remove all the blind spots with 360 understanding.

Dynamic Number Pool

Assign and recycle numbers dynamically from pool.


Full Funnel Analytics

Track every click & conversion across the funnel.

Manual Scoring

Powerful, flexible scoring for lead quality.

Call tracking icone

Call Tagging

Classify calls based on type, product, stage, or more.

Callback icon

Local Number Swap

Show a local number to increase conversion.

Real-Time Reporting

Always up-to-the second accurate reporting.

Call Recordings

Listen back to calls or export to your CRM.

Call Whisper

Play useful lead information to agents before calls.

Discover the full capabilities. Get the data edge.

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Ready Integrations For Your Systems

Integrate with thousands of systems via Zapier or directly by API.

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