Why real-time support is crucial for your business?

Marketing and technology provide us countless opportunities to reach the consumer with the message about your product or service. But what happens when the potential customer is already interested and is browsing your website – right before he makes the purchase? This is the moment when he should be notified that you are there for him – by giving him the chance to contact you at this moment with real-time support.

As your website creates your image (based on its looks and usability the consumer gets his impression of your company within a few seconds), the customer service aspect vouches for your brand’s character. Thus, it might significantly improve the buying experience and create a long-lasting relationship. Lack of proper service, on the other hand, might be very harmful and discouraging for your potential clients – who might not close the deal and never return.Regarding customer service, your tools are e-mail, phone line, sometimes Skype, while the real-time tools are live chats and live calls, which give you a chance to contact the client, who would not communicate with you via other channels.

What are the two most important benefits from real-time support or sales communication?

  1. It helps to solve customer’s problems very quickly

Steve Krug, web usability expert, has written a book „Don’t Make Me Think” – this phrase should serve as a motto for e-v-e-r-y website owner. Our potential customer should see content and functionalities, which will be clear, intuitive and – most importantly – will answer his potential questions. However, what if we miss something?What if our Client has a question we have not predicted?Take a look at this example: a potential customer of a shop with exclusive chocolate products imported from the most distant part of the world is interested in purchasing a gift. He needs an unusual delivery, which at the moment is not available on the webpage. The most convenient way for him would be to get in touch immediately. For the owner, the real-time reaction will be of key significance – while the user is still browsing the website.When using traditional e-mail, the customer must leave the website – once the email is sent, the page will probably be shut in the browser. The trigger for return might appear once the customer receives a reply (however, this might bring further questions…) or a paidremarketing ad (e.g. GDN, Criteo or Gmail Sponsored Promotion).This is why real-time support is so precious: it allows to meet all of the customer’s doubts in one go and makes it easier for him to make a decision. Quick reaction here is of key significance! That has been confirmed with multiple research – for example, Cassie Mogilner & Jennifer Aaker of Stanford Graduate School of Business (2009) – if a customer can get something cheaper or quicker, most will go for the „quicker” option (read more: „100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People (Voices That Matter)”, Susan Weinschenk, 2011, chapter 95).

  1. It makes expert sales easier

The prices of gaining customers are getting higher and higher with each year. Real-time support can let you save money – not only by closing the deal but also by cross-selling.For example: a user looks for winter tires and enters the website of a renowned tire shop, which has a very wide offer of brands: Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear and many others.  It is easy to get confused with such a range of brands, classes and purposes. Additionally, the price of a single purchase is pretty high and all the tires seem very similar…Real-time call will explain a lot and will definitely help closing the deal – it also will have a long-lasting effect. Real-time support here is expert sales, similar to personal shopping assistant: as consumers are overwhelmed with the amount of information available, such a service is of great value. And there’s more: such a customer is much less likely to make a return of the product.

Example of LiveCall implementation on Oponeo.pl (tire shop).Hundreds of visitors who never make the purchase are a serious issue for SaaS companies, especially the ones working  in B2B. Each new customer means a long-term relationship – so it is worth fighting for.For example, a customer is interested in monitoring the web – pages, forums, blogs, microblogs, Facebook etc. Polish market has a lot of companies providing this kind of service – it is difficult to understand the difference and therefore the choice is not easy. With LiveCall, the user can have a real-time  support from the consultant, who will provide him with advice and explain the advantages of the product.

Example of LiveCall implementation on Monitori.pl (web and social media monitoring). When speaking of long-term services, it is important to emphasize the specifics of service line of business. Its intangibility makes it difficult to sign a long-term deal, both with an individual and a business Client.For example: a user  is interested with purchasing a broadband internet service. On Orange website he can place the order and have a real-time contact with a consultant, who will help him pick the most suitable plan. For Orange, it is also a chance to validate the purchase process – they can get instant feedback on what the Client’s doubts are or which webpage features are not sufficient.

Example of LiveCall implementation on Orange.pl (telecom).Expert and immediate contact is a key point of efficient digital strategy:

  • It increases the sales,
  • It is convenient for the customer,
  • It has a positive influence over his satisfaction.

There is a reason that real-time marketing and real-time sales is a major trend nowadays. In the digital world, real-time interaction might be the deal breaker, without which you might miss a lot of opportunities.

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