Live chat vs. LiveCall: the comparison of two real-time client contact apps

Live chat or LiveCall? Both tools can help you perfect the real-time client contact. They have the form of a convenient widget you can place on your website. And both have been rising in popularity in the recent months. So, which one is better for your business? Read along to find out and decide for yourself.

Live chat

Live chats are online chat applications enabling communnication with website visitors. Especially popular in e-commerce, they have been growing in popularity especially among Millenials and users younger than 45. [Source: TheMarketingAutomationReport]. Below, you can read about the pros and cons of this customer support solution.


  • anonimity – not all clients wish to reveal their names and/or faces when talking to a company representative, especially in times when data is less and less secure
  • clients can engage in a conversation while at work – asking a short question does not require leaving the office which is not acceptable in some companies
  • convenient as a client support – answering frequently asked questions on the phone is time-consuming for the consultants, it also means that only one client can be dealt with at a time, live chat allows to quickly send a ready-made answer and proceed to another client question in minutes
  • it’s cheap (sometimes even free) – there are many live chat apps available on the market, some of them, having basic functions, you can actually get for free
  • doesn’t require your clients to install any software


  • the loss in translation – it’s difficult to create a bond between the client and the brand, there is no room to express reactions, feelings and gain trust through anonymous written conversation
  • not the greatest sales channel – consultants can’t have an actual discussion as the other side can just close the window at any given moment and doesn’t have to reply to arguments
  • talks can be way too long – the conversations can be very long and time-consuming because of the long response time of both sides (they can both be distracted at some point with a different task)
  • clients have to be in front of the computer – otherwise the conversation can’t take place
  • it’s almost impossible to come back to the client – apart from the archived conversation, at most times you don’t even have their name


Live chat is perfect for businesses with a lot of traffic on their websites and many ‘client service’ incoming questions. You should install a live chat app if you have low product and conversations with clients interested in buying it are simply not worthwhile.


LiveCall is also an app enabling the communication with website users. Unlike live chat software its communication channel is an actual phone conversation.


  • easy to follow-up – if you see a number of your prospective client on the phone, you can easily save it in your memory and come back to the prospective client
  • it allows for meaningful communication – due to the actual voice conversation you can quickly convey ideas over the phone and convince the client to buy your product
  • great sales channel – sometimes the clients don’t ask for your offer themselves, and they might not read your propositions, live call allows you to talk to them and present your offer at any given point of the conversation
  • it doesn’t require your clients to install any software
  • the clients can contact you through their phone or on the computer – unlike live chats, LiveCall allows for a conversation in any place that you can pick up a phone


  • it’s not the best tool if you want to answer frequently asked questions – this would require you to pick up the phone every five minutes without talking about selling the product
  • the app is not free
  • not the best tool for shy clients – some people hate talking on the phone and will probably prefer contacting you via e-mail or chat


LiveCall is perfect for companies already selling over  the phone. This application will help you increase the sales. It is most useful for the services that require explaining or customizing prior to the sale. The tool also works wonders for the companies who try to build a client base. Recommended for the following industries: finance, e-commerce, services, real estate, travel. 


Live chats and LiveCall are related ideas, though because of the main difference between them – written and oral communication channels – they could be used for different purposes. You could use LiveCall as a tool for qualifying the clients and live chat as a perfect customer support channel. Applying both solutions can also prove highly profitable for your business. By doing so, you are welcoming clients who prefer to write and clients who prefer to talk.One of the companies who chose to invest in both types of software is Visit their website to see it for yourself.

LiveCall widget on the left, live chat bar on the right. Source: posbistro.comAlso, read the story of BestOkna.PL to find out how installing LiveChat helped them increase the sales.Do you want to find out which solution works best for your business? Register for a weekly trial of LiveCall. It costs absolutely nothing to start and gives you enough time to see its sales potential.

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