How to set up a LiveCall account

There are several important steps for getting started with LiveCall. You’ll find them in this short manual.

  1. Register
    Start with setting up an account. To do it go to and click ‘Sign up’.
  1. Activate your LiveCall Account
    Once you submit necessary information you will receive an activation email from LiveCall. Please check your email, click activation link and continue with registration.

    Consultant name
    This name will be shown to your visitor once audio connection is established. So if the visitor will be talking to you, make sure that this field is filled properly.

    Pick a jpg or png file. In case your consultant is a female upload her photo or other picture of female consultant!

    Phone number
    Calls from your website visitors will be forwarded to this telephone number. This will be yours additional source of inbound sales calls.IMPORTANT: Remember to input your correct phone number with country code and without any spaces or dashes etc. Example: for +1-541-754-3010 write +15417543010. You website visitors will call you on this number, so be sure it’s the right one.

Andrew from Live Call

  1. Select target audience
    Selecting target audience is crucial. It comes to the question who do you want to talk to and what do you want to achieve. If you want to go for NPS increase, you should show your widget to everyone. If you want to increase our inbound sales channel, the widget should appear on product pages and pricing pages. Go to Settings >> Filters and pick your audience.
  1. Install JavaScript code
    Before you can benefit from LiveCall you need to have it installed on your site. Go to LiveCall website, log in, go to Settings >> Installation Code. Copy the code and place it before the closing </body> tag of your website (at the end of an HTML document). Once you do this, LiveCall widget should appear on your website on selected pages. Once you click it, you will receive a call from LiveCall.


I’m sure it was not very difficult. Now starts the fun part – configuration and optimisation. LiveCall is a sales / marketing channel, so it needs to be optimised once in awhile. You may configure different designs of the widget to different situations / subpages, working hours, consultants etc. For more information take part in our weekly webinars and subscribe to our blog.

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