Hints before connecting with a customer

The key to effective sales process is to understand the customer's needs. If you have ever read an article or a book on this subject, you know that preparation before talking to a prospect may make or break any deal.

Let your consultant know, who is requesting a callback

It doesn't mean that you need to analyze each user individually, check their bio, build a psychological portrait or create some special offer. To be honest, there is no time for such sophistication in sales. Time is money. Immediate contact with a potential client with just a little information works much better than contacting after a while (eg. 1 hour) with the 360-degree view of him. Remember that the easiest way to get answers to your questions is just to ask a customer.Basically, you should respond to a customer as quickly as possible but still know something about him. The better you start a conversation, the easier it will be to encourage him to buy your product or service. LiveCall team understands it, which is why we've prepared a feature that helps you understand what is the intent of a visitor who requests a callback and inform your consultant.

Step by step manual

Let's assume that you run a parachute jumping company. Typically, potential customers who visit your website, check how much your services cost on the pricing page.Use this manual to separate these visitors from the rest of the traffic and inform your consultant who is it.

  1. Click Add target group.
  2. In the Name form gap, enter the text that will be read before connecting to the client.
  3. In the Enable on the following URLs form gap, select URL contain and enter the fragment of the URL that is specific to this subpage (eg 'pricing'). You also have other options to select traffic (e.g., narrowing down to Exact URL).
LiveCall target group
  1. Configure other settings for this target group.
  2. Save.
  3. We do not want to display the widget twice. To avoid it, edit the target group for the remaining traffic and put the same phrase that you use earlier (eg. 'pricing') in Disable on the following URLs.
  4. You are ready to go!

Before connecting with the customer, your consultant will hear the following message:[playlist tracklist="false" artists="false" images="false" ids="1767"]

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