Case study: Generating international inbound sales calls is a family business established for customers who have no extensive experience in the windows and doors industry, but who value high-quality products and services. When dealing with customers the company tries to translate complicated technical jargon into a language comprehensible to anyone. also includes the brands and The company specializes in exporting joinery products to all European countries. With foreign customers in mind, they created separate websites in German and in English. All of this was done to help customers from outside of Poland to get to know the products and rules of cooperation.Brief Overview:In the windows and doors distribution business, one cannot rely on outbound sales. There is no list of current construction and renovation works. In order for to canvass new customers, they must create a situation in which the customers find them, take an interest in their products and contact them.From the onset of its activity, was aware of the key importance of investing in online advertising (SEO, SEM, social media), brand recognition and high-quality customer service. Since the website, and then its foreign language versions (German and English) were created, the customers have had the option of having a conversation with’s specialists using a variety of methods: via telephone, e-mail, contact form and live chat.

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Reason for Introducing LiveCall:

The intensive marketing activities allowed the website to have a high view count. However, the number of inquiries from potential customers was not satisfying for the company owners. They wished for their conversions to increase, which in that case meant increasing the number of incoming sales calls.They had particularly high hopes of receiving valuable orders from Polish employees of construction and repair companies working in Western European countries. Those people are the true ‘ambassadors’ of Polish doors and windows. They are aware of their high quality and affordable prices. wished to make free contact with the Customer Service and Order Processing Department available to them. Before that, people calling the company hotline feared high costs of international calls.The owners of also wished to be perceived by their customers as a modern company. They started building that image by designing a functional website which works perfectly on computers and on mobile devices. Their next step was to add innovative communications tools (live chat and LiveCall).


The main goal that was accomplished was to increase the total number of customers contacting The effects of introducing the widget were visible on the very first day. The first person who called the company was a client from Germany. In just 9 days of offering the callback option, 24 people used LiveCall.

“I am particularly satisfied with the increase in the number of foreign calls. The first customer from Germany called us via LiveCall on the very first day.” Wojciech Stanowski, CEO

Customers from outside of Poland like to use LiveCall. From all of the calls made to us so far via the plug-in, as many as 68% were made by foreign customers. We have been contacted by potential customers from Germany, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain.A very important aspect that was feared was the connection quality. However, it has turned out that there is no interference or delay during conversations.

“Customers who contact us via LiveCall are surprised at how fast we call them back. The favorable first impression then translates into a good conversation and higher chance of making a sale.” Wojciech Stanowski, CEO

Customers are also surprised at how fast calls them back. Contacting the customer in less than 30 seconds significantly increases the chances that they will place an order, as they will be satisfied with the service quality and with the high degree of professionalism of the company. An additional effect of that is an increase in the salesmen’s level of activity. LiveCall ‘forces’ them to interact with new customers.* value estimated based on partial data

Key takeaways:

1 day – that is how long it took for the first customer from Germany to call83 – monthly number of sales leads*68% – percentage of foreign customers

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