LiveCall + Unbounce integration

Unbounce is a drag-and-drop creation tool used by marketing teams and agencies to create landing pages and overlays, without coding them.

It’s designed to empower marketers with the agility, speed and customization they need to launch and iterate campaigns for maximum conversions. Using functionalities like A/B testing or lead generation

Why LiveCall callback?

The LiveCall widget enables you to generate 30-120% more sales calls from website visitors with your existing traffic. It does this by targeting your best visitors and offering a free callback within 25 seconds or at a scheduled time.

Our software give you everything you need to improve call generation, response time, sales results and efficiency of your team. Whether you’ve got a sales call center or a small inside sales team, LiveCall is the fastest and easiest way to get more qualified sales calls and drive conversion.

Call generation via:

  • Widget
  • Form
  • Lead Ads (Facebook, Google)
  • SMS
  • Mail

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