Announcing LiveCall + Zapier integration!

How Zapier works

In a nutshell, Zapier lets you create connections to push data from one app to another using triggers and actions. Each connection, made up of a single trigger and a single action, is called a “Zap.”Let’s say, for example, that you want a new lead from your Unbounce form to trigger a call to your sales team. Or following a conversation you want to add the call recording directly into your CRM (let's say... Pipedrive ). Now you are able to do all that automatically! The best part is: it all happens in the background.

Here are some examples of actions you can automate:

  • Call back in 25 seconds to a customer who has left his contact details in an Unbounce form;
  • Sending leads generated with LiveCall widget to Pipedrive CRM;
  • Creating a list of leads that request a callback in Google Spreadsheets with information if they have already been contacted;
  • Does your MayChat chatbot generate leads? Send them automatically to your sales rep so a real human follows up on them as quick as 25 seconds.

You don’t need to choose just one. You can trigger multiple actions from a single trigger in Zapier.

Matt Dulski testimonial

An integration with Zapier was one of our top requests so we are proud and happy to announce it today. We believe that it will allow LiveCall customers to get more insights about their sales processes, save time and make their lives much easier. We are planning to educate the LiveCall community, primarily consisting of business owners or marketing&sales managers, about the importance of automation and to show them this amazing solution at their fingertips.” says LiveCall’s co-founder, Matt Dulski.Here are a few of our favorite (pre-built) use cases to get you started:

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