Call me maybe? How to attract more calls from clients

Generating calls from potential clients can be frustrating, but don’t worry! With available digital tools it is easier than ever to get ahead of your competition. Here are tricks that will help you become the hottest on the market.

Google it

You don’t have to be a rich marketing giant to successfully run an online campaign. Just general understanding of popular digital tools can result in more calls from clients.Unless you decided to turn off the ads on Facebook, you might have noticed that sometimes you see interesting content from a page that doesn’t really ring a bell. The ad might be marked as ‘suggested’, so subtly, you probably won’t notice.

source: snoutschool.comFacebook provides you with several targeting options that allow to reach desirable audience. Depending on the cost of campaign you decide to buy, your ads will be shown to users with similar topics of interest to that of your business activity, based on their location, previous searches, likes or the number of friends that liked your fanpage.Though you may think it’s surreal, in just few steps you can see your company on top of the Google search results page. Google Adwords offers a range of options to advertise your business using keywords.

Reach out to old friends

Client base is one of the most valuable commodities nowadays. If you haven’t created one already, grab your phone and browse through your e-mail immediately!Building and using a client base is essential for your business.If your clients call you in case of emergency, they surely appreciate reliable service. They are also probably more than willing to recommend you to their family and friends in the future.Why not making it more attractive to them?Reach out to your regular customers and offer a discount for recommendations. Even if it’s just five percent of the regular price researchers say we are more willing to buy a product or a service if it’s cheaper even if we don’t need it. Plus, every recommendation means one new potential customer.

Define your target group

Addressing the right crowd still proves tricky for many business owners. While your first instict might be to place your ads EVERYWHERE on the Internet, it really might be a waste of your time and resources if done poorly. Here are some rules to keep in mind when planning your online marketing campaign:

  • use Google AdWords or some other keyword-based tool to attract more well-targeted calls
  • advertise on websites that are related to your business e.g. if you own a garage, you can place your ad on a website of a local car wash
  • use tools that help you reach the right target, like Facebook
  • remember that analysis is the key

What works wonders for your friend’s wedding planning business might not work for your plumbing company. In the world of digital marketing, it’s important to always verify your strategies.You don’t have to invest in costly audience measuring tools that TV stations use. Many marketing tools on the market offer statistics measurement in addition to the product. LiveCall, for instance, offers results reporting available on your website so you could see how efficient it is for you. The product also has a feature of visitor filtering which means that your target group will be encouraged to make a call.

  • work with your client base

Building long-lasting relationships with your clients is crucial. Not only can they help you close new deals they may generate through recommendation, they might become your returning clients. Convincing your client to use your services regularly might result in a strong market position and reputation as well as become a firm source of income.

Remind your clients about your services

Nobody likes to be bothered for no reason, however, caring about your customers’ needs doesn’t make you a spammer.Divide your clients into groups according to products they previously bought. If a service you offer is recommended regularly, i.e. car inspection, remember to send a kind reminder in an e-mail or SMS two weeks before the recommended time of the next inspection.  If the review deadline escaped your client’s mind, you’ll be getting a call in no time.

Don’t play hard to get

It might sound shocking, but some customers don’t reach you, because they can’t. Here’s what you can do to help them:

Place your number on the website/in the ad.



  • place your number on the main page of your website, not in the Contact tab
  • don’t limit your Facebook contact info to ‘Information’ tab, place your phone number in a more visible space, e.g. cover or even profile photo
  • make your phone number a part of your logo
  • place your phone number in an e-mail signature and every banner you use for advertising

Pick up

It’s true that answering calls while working may be difficult, especially if you’re a business owner. Still, there aren’t many things more frustrating than being repeatedly put on hold when you’re in need of an urgent service.

  • pick up as many calls as you can, if you can’t talk to the client at the very moment apologize and make a promise to call as soon as you’re finished with the task at hand
  • avoid using voicemail, but if you have to, use the automatic message to inform your clients about other contact channels they can use (e-mail, sms) and give the exact time they can reach you via phone again
  • use LiveCall to inform your clients when they can call you – thanks to LiveCall the visitors of your websites can see that you are available and if not, when you will be – LiveCall is the best tool for inbound calls, because it allows your clients to avoid the disappointment of not being able to reach you, or being kept on hold for too long.
  • If you see missed calls – call back as soon as possible. Neglecting a missed call can cost you a client. Even if you are the best in the business, your competition may get a new order, just because they were available at the right moment.

Use a catchphrase

I bet when you read the title of this article, you started humming a song ‘Call me’. Now, at least for some time, you will be thinking about this article every time you hear that song.While most copywriters are against pop culture references in marketing,  adding some humor to your content is a good idea.Just check out this tweet by Bissell. Don’t you feel like buying one?

And what are your hacks for getting more calls?

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