Become the callback hunter and make your website the best bait for clients

Let’s face it. In the jungle of advertisements that Internet is, simply having a website is not enough to succeed in being a “callback hunter”. Read along to find out how to create a website that will help you close a deal.

 Optimize your website for mobilePhones are not just for calling anymore. With smartphones being portable computers, people have become glued to their mobiles. And if you operate by picking up calls from your clients, chances are they will find you through their phone.

Unfortunately, many websites out there are not pleasant to scroll on a mobile. As a result, potential clients often just decide to drop the idea and find out another provider  of a desired service. Here is what you can do

• Avoid using ads

Scrolling a website with your fingers can be frustrating enough. No need to add video adverts that are often impossible to close, or ads that a viewer might click by mistake. Keep them on a traditional version of your website. You’re good.

• Create a mobile subdomain

Make a domain that is specific for your mobile views. When you browse the Internet on your smartphone, you might notice that some of the websites are preceded my ‘m’ or ‘mobile’. Creating a domain dedicated for mobile is easy and will keep your computer and mobile website versions from interfering.

• Put some make up on

Your website should be appealing for small screen viewing. Use CSS to make the font pleasant to look at and easy to browse through on mobile. Reduce the size of your images, too.

• Don’t panic

Most of the above can be done by using readymade templates. You can also commission someone to do it for a relatively low price. And it’s money well spent.

Display your phone number well


source: albieroplumbing.comYou already know how to make sure that potential clients find your contact info (read our last post here). Call hunting, however, is only succesfull when the actual action is taken by the client. Now, give them the chance to actually add you to their contacts!

• Make your phone number clickable

Your clients want to call you. Sure, they could jot the number down on a piece of paper… but what’s the point? They were looking for you through their mobiles for a reason.There are several ways to make your phone a link on a mobile website. The easiest, however, is this: <a href=”tel:+123456789″>123456789</a> If you place a line of html like the one above in your code, your potential clients will be able to call you with a click. However, there are also other effective solutions.

• Use LiveCall

LiveCall allows your clients to call you without saving your number. It’s a user-friendly widget for your website that combines  minimalist design with functionality. Huge advantage of LiveCall is that the app does not require installation from the client’s side. Moreover, it will inform them about your availability, if you’re not currently on the phone.

• Create an app

This is probably the most expensive of the proposed solutions. App will probably also take space on your client’s phone and might not be the solution they agree to go for. There are also advantages. You can create the app based on your own preferences. However, if your business does not include e-commerce you might think twice about that one.

The real “Callback Hunter” tests, tests, tests!

You have everything now. Your website is running well and effectively on PCs and mobiles alike. All you have to do now is just sit and wait for the calls to come. Unfortunately, the first call is from a friend of yours telling you that this brand new website  looks kind of weird.

• Make sure your website is optimized for all browsers

Opera, for instance, has a pre-installed adblock, which can influence the way your website is displayed. Make sure to open your website in different browsers and see whether it looks good and all the options work well.

• Test different mobile models

Mobiles differ. Producers tend to go with a certain operating system that comes with a corresponding browser. Remember to test your website’s functionality on different types of mobile. Ask friends with three most popular operating sytems (iOS, android, Windows Phone) to scroll through your website for a bit. Being the “Callback Hunter” requires excellent use of all resources.  If nothing seems odd, you’re good to go.

Make it pretty

We’ve already talked about the importance of SEO and  digital marketing in general. However, when the client is already scrolling through the website, you need to ensure that it looks well not just in the search engine.

• Coloring is fun!

Blue is generally considered the best color for business. Still, if it doesn’t look nice paired with your logo, you might go for something else.  You can read more about colours in business here:

• Don’t clutter your website!

Check out the websites of most affluent brands that are also appreciated for their renown.

source: cocacola.comThe text is generally scarce. Rather, they show good pictures and graphics.If you look into it, you’ll see that it seems like almost every website has more blank space than text.When the client wants to learn more, they simply choose the desired tab.

• Here’s my number, and here… and here, too

We have already talked about this, but when it comes to contact info, it can’t be stressed enough. Your clients reach to you through phone calls, and you should make calling as painless as possible. Being the “Callback Hunter” is all about trying to lure the clients to your number. Don’t even think about inserting your phone number ONLY in contact section.Place your phone number on your homepage in a manner that’s noticeable, but not pushy.

Let us know how these hacks worked for you. Is your website a modern business card?What are your ideas to make a website attractive for clients?

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