As soon as possible – Why response time is crucial for your business?

Quick response time is not just a sign of good manners. It is a sign you truly care for customers, and your business. According to the study conducted by Dave Elkington and James Oldroyd at MarketingSherpa Conference it actually translates into sales. Learn more about the importance of response time for your business and refine your communication strategy.

(Response) Time is now

Your customers browse the Internet looking for services when they need them most. At the exact time they wish to buy your service. As we already mentioned in the previous article, if contacting you is difficult or impossible, they will try another company. Interest and need wane quickly. A few days later they often don’t even remember they submitted a lead. Immediacy of response hits the respondent at their highest point of interest or need. – say the authors of the study.Being a business owner is tough. Answering calls while providing services is even tougher. If you do not want to hire another person responsible for customer contact, try LiveCall. The tool will not magically stretch your day from 24 to 30 hours. It will, however, do something more helpful and less harmful for your health.

When a prospective client wants to reach you via LiveCall widget, the app will inform them about the exact time of a phone call. That means, even if a customer cannot reach you at the moment, they will know when they get to talk to you. Instead of contacting other specialists in the area, chances are the clients will wait without a feeling of their time being wasted.

source: twitterResponse time will still not be immediate, however, removing the feeling of frustration from the process will definitely improve customer experience.

Your clients are HERE

Immediate response time is essential for another reason. Your customers reach  you via website. When they submit a lead, if it happens in a web form, you are notified about it.The moment you find out the customers are at their desks, have your website open and a phone near them. This state is named ‘presence’ in the study. If you manage to call a customer at this exact time, you highly increase the chance to sell a product. The authors of the study add: Salespeople know that simply being able to contact somebody can make the difference between a sale or not. ‘Business owners are busy. Sometimes they make their business an excuses for late response time. Don’t be a part of that group. The trick is to make time or create a solution that will not require such sacrifices from you. Options are, almost, unlimited.

Ideas for shortening response time

  • new human resources
    Even if you are a one person company, consider hiring an assistant. Actually, as a one person company, you should invest in an organized assistant for your business, all the more. At the beginning just you might be enough, but if you want to start selling with actual profit, you won’t be able to go solo. A good assistant can pick up calls immediately, manage your schedule or even supervise your digital and social media strategy.
  • time management/work organization tools
    The range of effective and free time management tools is broad. From simple excel sheet, to Google Calendar, to project management boards like Trello – technology is on your side. If you have an assistant, Google Calendar will also help you coordinate the already planned meetings with clients with newly scheduled ones.
  • easy-to-follow communication channels
    Is your e-mail connected to your smartphone so you can tell when new messages from clients appear? Do you know when a customer filled an online contact form? Do you get a notification when a customer wants to call you or rather curse another missed opportunities that disappeared along with missed calls? Think about being available at all times. You can do it by connecting all your communication channels with your mobile. Google Calendar, online form, e-mail app and LiveCall together with a professional assistant will turn your small business into a well-oiled moneymaking machine.

The Wow Effect

The study reveals another interesting pattern. Sales representatives who participated in this survey-based research mentioned a so-called ‘WOW’ effect. The majority of them experienced highly enthusiastic reaction from customers when their response time was equal to 3 seconds or shorter. What the sales representatives reported was that the general impression of a customer was that the salesman was ‘really on top of things. Quick response time also convinced the customers that the business is well managed.What is more, the effect was not short-lived. The customers expressed another opinion. Apparently, quick response time convinced them ‘that is the kind of person and company they want servicing their account’.Immediate response might be difficult. Still, denying the effect it has on the customers, and in turn, sales is difficult as well. Consider creating a customer communication strategy that will help you achieve a similar effect. Check out our article:10 Best Practices in Customer CommunicationIf you manage customer contact yourself, try other options, such as scheduling a given time for customer calls or installing LiveCall.What are your thoughts on the effect of response time on sales? Have you ever experienced ‘The WOW Effect’?

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